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Came across an online course that investigates a lot of these topics, including things like “To friend or not to friend,” (I don’t think so, no) and digital record keeping (waaay past due in psychotherapy). Here’s something from the course description:

“The first section of the course is an Introduction to the clinical and ethical issues that get raised for psychotherapists using Social Media. The second section addresses online transparency of both clients and therapists, inclusive of what therapists may intentionally or unintentionally make available online, and whether they should access client information online. Section three looks at friend and contact requests on sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn, and also examines the challenges of Facebook business pages and the blocking feature on such sites. The fourth section addresses Twitter, Status Updates, and Location-based check-in sites. The fifth section discusses the ethical issues that are raised by consumer review sites and business listings. Section six focuses on email exchanges between therapists and clients, record keeping, and digital security. Section seven provides sample Social Media Policies, and section eight, the last one, includes links to ethics codes for psychotherapists, and additional online resources.”


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  1. We also offer an ethics course worth 5 CE and the course is based on our Ethical Framework for the Use of Technology in Mental Health.

    We offer information and resources at the Online Therapy Institute! We hope you visit soon!

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