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Hoo boy. Marlene Maheu, Ph.D. presented at APA last week, partly covering all the different ways you could get into serious hot water doing online or remote psychotherapy. Like, how do you know the patient is who she says she is? What if, this session, it’s actually the patient’s KID at the other end, sitting around the computer with some friends cracking up and inventing problems? Intricate legal issues depending upon which states you are licensed in. (Really? We’re going to have to license in MULTIPLE states?). Oh, and is a text message thread between you and your client part of the legal record? (Now that you mention it, of course it is.)

They offer multiple-day-long courses on all the details. My ADD kicked in after about 20 minutes, but I was left with a certain amount of awe for the exceptional level of specificity she sustained.

Go to TeleMentalHealth.com for more info.

And of course there’s a book!

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