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“I called over 16,000 people.”

There’s a brief video on the NY Times website about a couple of therapists who started a center for the training and supervision of therapists. They made a great website, and sat back waiting for the calls to start. Silence.

So one of them got brave, and started calling therapists one at a time, inviting them to come. “Thousands called back,” he says, and now their center is thriving.

Sometimes we hide behind our websites and fliers. The population is grossly underserved by therapists, and there are too many therapists for those people who do seek out therapy. Not sure how to translate what they’ve done to reaching out to prospective clients, but it underscores the importance of making a personal connection to encourage people to come in and work with us.



NY Times Story:

The New Center for Advanced Psychotherapy Studies is a training institute for psychotherapists and psychoanalysts. It offers supervision and consultation and study groups by telephone — and tries to help therapists succeed financially in their practices.

The center, which is based in Key Biscayne, Fla., opened near the end of 2007 with high hopes that it would succeed if it could attract only a tiny percentage of the approximately 130,000 mental health professionals in the United States.

It invested thousands of dollars in a sophisticated Web site with billing software and credit card capacity, and it produced an advertising campaign. But after two months, it had attracted precisely two customers. It decided to shut down the Web site and opted instead for a decidedly old-school approach to finding customers. Please watch the video below to see how the company turned things around.

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  1. This is a fascinating piece. Looking forward to reading more of your writing.

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