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Found another outfit that is working on the policy issues related to “telementalhealth.” They are at the University of Colorado, Denver, and they’ve keyed on this central issue of OUTREACH. Their mission is to use technology to make mental health services more available to the under-served. I like they way they think!

“The telepsychiatry developmental model described in this section is intended to help you go through the process in a systematic way of setting up a telemental health clinic from the beginning. This model draws and expands upon the work or Drs. Jay Shore and Spero Manson for an article entitled “Developmental Model for Rural Telepsychiatry.” The telepsychiatry developmental model that is discussed identifies six steps that can be used to create a successful telemental health clinic.”

They’ve created a document, a guide, to help set up these services:

Their very useful guide introduces the concept of telemental health:

* An overview of what telemental health is and how it is being used to improve mental health services,
* The steps necessary to develop and implement a telemental health program,
* How best to use these services once implemented and how to take advantage of this unique service delivery tool,
* How to fund and sustain a telemental health program, and
* How to market telmental health services to a wide range of stakeholders.

Find them at: http://www.tmhguide.org/

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