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The *excellent* psychology blog, PSYBLOG, has an article on 10 problems with the use of email. One study found that 59% of email users check mail from the bathroom. The NY Times ran an article last week about how overstimulated we’ve gotten, but it hadn’t exactly occurred to me that by extending psychotherapy to the Internet we were taking the work into the NOISE STORM that is our experience at the computer.

By using email in psychotherapy we are extending the work into an medium that is conducive to a lower rapport, in which people feel less cooperative, and emotional communication is drastically reduced.

I don’t know what to do with that thought, yet.

Here’s the link:


Here’s an excerpt:

Email is a fantastic tool, but these ten psychology studies remind us of its dark side.
Like the telephone or the TV, email is a technology so embedded in our lives, we think nothing of it. Both help and hindrance, on one hand it’s the internet’s original ‘killer application’ and on the other it’s a spam-spewing slave-driver.

We’re used to hearing about the negative side of the balance-sheet, about email’s addictive nature and the unnecessary stress it injects into the modern worker’s life, but we downplay these problems because it’s so incredibly useful.

Now that email is well into middle age (the first emails were sent in 1965), let’s take stock of what we know about the darker side of email.

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