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If we don’t make money, we can’t do the work, and the income of therapists is dropping overall.   APA’s 2009 salary survey found that master’s level clinicians in private practice earned a mean of about $40k-$50k, and psychologists in private practice made about $90k, on average, reflecting a drop over the past decade of about 10%.

APA has a chart on their 2009 salary survey: http://www.apa.org/monitor/2010/04/salaries.aspx.

Does it reflect a difficulty making ourselves relevant?  Of course a lot of people are talking about adding “coaching” to our offering, but I see scant evidence that coaches overall are adding a lot to their incomes.  I think EVERYBODY should have a therapist, but it seems they don’t all agree. 

There are a lot of us.  There are 16,586 licensed psychologists in California, and the California BBS lists about 64,000 “active licensees and registrants.”  The state has a population of about 38,000,000, so that’s one therapist for every 471 people.  (Anybody know the national statistics?)

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