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I was standing naked in front of a mirror at the gym shaving, and I asked the naked guy standing next to me how he was doing.

“Not so good.”

I was surprised by his candor, we hadn’t talked much before.  “Really?  What’s going on?”

“I came home last night and found my wife in bed with another woman.”

We talked for a few more minutes.  He was upset, grieving more than anything, confused.  So, me being me, I asked him, “Have you got a therapist you can talk to?”

“Oh,” he replied, “Things aren’t THAT bad.”

Wow.  How bad do things have to get before many men are willing to ask for some help?

Think of what we typically ask a man to do in therapy settings: recognize that something is wrong with him, admit that he needs help, openly discuss and express his emotions, get vulnerable, and depend on someone else for guidance and support—all extremely challenging tasks in Guy World.  (David Wexler, Ph.D., in Psychotherapy Networker)

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