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Here’s a nice summary of some of the bad habits to avoid if you are struggling with outreach.

3 Things To Avoid

Hiding Out: I’m not suggesting that there is not a lot of tasks that need to be done at your desk or on the phone. What most people that don’t have enough clients yet do though, is stay in their office (perhaps that’s at home), and hide behind their computer, their e-books, their info-in-a-boxes. As they shuffle paper work from one side of the desk to the other they can kids themselves that their ‘busyness’ means they have a sustainable business.

Talking About Yourself: When you do nothing but talk about yourself, your products or your services, this is the quickest way to have prospects roll their eyes and switch off. This is a common mistake when you are operating from a place of fear, if you appear to need your clients more than they need you. The people you speak to will sense this, and categorize you into the section they keep for ‘sales’ people.

Lacking confidence: If things are happening as quickly as you would like them to, it is easy to start to lose confidence in your skills, your ability to offer them for a price, or to speak about them confidently. Sometimes it only takes one small set back to send you reeling back into hibernation, or a feeling of inadequacy in your abilities to create the success you so badly want.

What to Do

Get out there in a big way: Every month, make sure you have some events on your calendar that you attend in person. These might be local networking events, charity events, fundraisers, meeting people of influence in their space, workshops or conferences. These are prime opportunities for you to meet potential clients and spread the word about what you do. Make sure you then have a great follow up system in place too.

What’s in it for me? This is what everyone really wants to know. So, make it your intention when you are next in a group of people to find out what it is that is bothering them, what are their frustrations, what are they having trouble with. Then decide whether or not you have something that can help them solve their problem, or perhaps be a referral to point them in the right direction. Your honesty and openness will be rewarded with respect and trust. This will automatically make you a person of choice should you and your prospect be a good fit at some stage.

Trust in your own abilities: Take some time to recall when people have told you how great you are at doing what it is you do. You might have some emails, cards or small notes that people have given you over time in acknowledgement of your abilities. Take a look at where you have come from, rather than where you have not yet go to. I keep a folder both in my emails, and on my desk, where I past any kinds words that get sent to me. Sometimes this is a card, sometimes just a comment put on Facebook. Then, when you are having times of self doubt, you can refer to these for support and encouragement. You do have great skills and belief in your abilities or you wouldn’t be reading this article right now. Trust in yourself, and then GO DO IT!

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