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Found an entire blog devoted to reporting the sexual misconduct of therapists.  I’m left with that dirty feeling I got as a kid, after spending an afternoon reading my sisters True Crime magazines.  It’s one area in which growing public awareness of this danger no doubt helps police our profession… and probably also discourages people from seeking the help they need.

So, here you go, some bizarre and disturbing tales:


Court awards patient $900K against psychiatrist who set up “voyeuristic” patient datesPosted on October 11, 2010 by psychrapereporter| Leave a comment

She went to a highly respected Manhattan shrink to help her cope with years of sexual abuse — and his twisted treatment was to set her up for sex trysts with other patients.

Or in another case:

“I am a psychologist and I work in local schools, but the money is terrible. I am thinking about taking photos of young girls for extra money.  Would it bother you if I took photos of your daughter for the internet…photos for dirty old men?”


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