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Where I went to school  and now teach, The Wright Institute, our slogan is: Clinicians to Society.  The school was started by some very lefty folks in the sixties, visionary in this regard: psychology cannot sit in its office waiting for people to show up for sessions.  Our skills are needed anywhere there are people, from the schoolyard to the factory floor, and it is essential that we find ways to extend the psychotherapy container to encompass every part of contemporary life. 

Some friends built a company (Hummingbird Coaching) that put coaches to work communicating with parents who needed advice, via email.  I’ve been having great experiences doing sessions using Skype for video conferencing.  Some of the most compelling “sessions” I’ve had have been around a table with a bunch of executives.

If you still think of psychotherapy as something confined to the 50 minute hour, do you think it’s time to stretch the container in your head?

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