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Neat idea from therapick.com – they hail from Hollywood, and are professional film editors. They’ll interview you on camera for a half hour about how you work, edit the result down to several minutes, and then post the video on their website. They are working toward being a therapist selection site for prospective clients who want to see videos of their options for therapist. Therapick charges $150/year, and they’ll provide the video link to you on Youtube, so you can embed it on your own website.

Here’s a summary from their website:

Founder and CEO David Brundige, an award-winning filmmaker turned web entrepreneur, created Therapick after witnessing a loved one visit five different therapists over the course of two years before quitting. It made sense to build a website that would allow her and other potential clients to get a sense of a therapist before spending the money and time to go in for that first visit.

Pick a Therapist on Therapick!
Your relationship with your therapist is important. Research indicates that success in therapy is highly dependent on a strong relationship with your therapist. That’s why Therapick believes that the best person to choose your therapist is YOU!

Finding a therapist is a personal experience. On Therapick, you can search videos, read profiles, and email therapists you might want to work with. If you don’t like the vibe of a psychologist, counselor, or psychiatrist, move on to the next one. It’s that simple. Our videos let you choose.

We’ve interviewed hundreds of licensed psychotherapists in Los Angeles and Orange County to give you the best selection for individual, couples, and family counseling in Southern California. Whether you’re looking for psychotherapy, marriage counseling, or even hypnosis, Therapick’s videos give you a better sense of who a therapist is before going in for your first visit.


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