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My needs as an individual therapist in a private practice are so simple. I just want to keep track of appointments and money, and keep simple notes about each session. There are dozens of software packages for therapists out there, this should be a slam-dunk.

But it isn’t.

I’ve now looked at 15 or 20 packages and I’m not happy. Now, I do require that it be a highly secure internet-based therapist software package, which eliminates most of the vendors. The problem with all the others is that they DO TOO MUCH. Most recently I took at look at TherapyCharts. They met my criteria, they have a nice website, they look substantial. When I tried to register for an evaluation account they reminded me that I had already done so – several times! Then I remembered the problem, which is a familiar one. I want a simple screen to register clients and track appointments and payments. To do that in their software meant digging through multiple screens.

I’ve got ten minutes between clients, and that has to include making my tea, going to the bathroom, and returning urgent calls. I need a therapist software package that I can use in ONE or TWO minutes.

So, now I’m trying MyClientsPlus. I’m working at maintaining an optimistic attitude.

Dan Quinn, Psy.D. Psychotherapist

5 Responses to “Hunting for Therapy Office Software”

  1. Kim McBride says:

    Dear Dr. Quinn,
    Do you have an update on MyClientsPlus?
    This software search is a nightmare!

    Thank you,
    Kim McBride

  2. Amber says:

    I am in the same situation. Have a counseling practice but cannot find a great software that is reasonable priced for a small private practice. Am always looking for others views. Thanks. Amber

  3. Petrus4 says:

    Hi Dan,

    How did you like myclientsplus? would you recommend it?

  4. Mary says:

    Dear Dan Quinn:
    I am looking for the same thing-simple software for our limited practice in mental health counseling. Since we are still limited, the price must be low. How did MyClientsPlus work out for you? I’m thinking of moving from TheraBill.

    Thank you!

  5. Annie says:

    I am a therapist in Massachusetts. I came across your blog describing
    your seach for a simple software, and I am wondering what you have
    discovered? I just want to track appointments, charges and payments,
    primarily. I use a Mac. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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