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I’ve kicked around building a practice management system with my brilliant programmer buddy from my consulting days. Everything I could find out there was overbuilt, and hence too complicated for a ten-minute break that includes saying good-bye, going to the bathroom and making a cup of tea. But we learned some years ago that a bright idea is a minuscule fraction of what’s required for success in the software market. You have to be ready to knock yourself out for years getting it right, serving customers, and selling selling selling. No, thanks. I like my current job.

But what we had in mind has been nailed, I think, by SimplePractice.com. They’ve built a simple user interface, just the meat-and-potatoes for the individual practitioner. They’ve got scheduling, billing, progress notes. I don’t care about insurance billing, but they’ve got that. They’re working overtime to provide good customer service, and their prioritization of new features (the order in which they roll them out) is sensible.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a piece that I require. I take my notes on paper during a session, and want to scan them post-session. During a session, I want to be able to look up past notes REALLY quickly. They took a first pass at imaging, but their imaging solution isn’t really there yet for what I need. They found some capital somewhere, because they’re buying ad space with various online markets. And yes, it creeps me out that somehow Yahoo knows I’m interested in them and keeps trying to sell me their software.

I went ahead and bought their product, and I won’t be surprised if I convert to them in a year or so, once they’ve grown the product some. But I’m content for now with the solution I’ve finally cobbled together, which, if you’re interested, you can read about in a post named accordingly. “Cobbled together?” I suppose it has to do with making shoes, right?

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