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So, for the time being, I’m quite happy with the solution I cobbled together.

I subscribe to Simplepractice, but I don’t think I’m going to use them until they have a more seamless imaging solution. Here’s what’s working really well for me:

Quickbooks Online – I key the session in the timecards section, and the system sends an email to the client with a link they can click to pay – which is then automatically credited to their account. My bookkeeper is quite happy with QuickBooks, to do all the mystical things that she does, so I’m happy too.

Outlook – When I schedule a session, I send an “invitation” to the client’s email address. Many EMR products include a session reminder sent to the client. That would be helpful occasionally, but only occasionally.

Evernote – Here’s my latest thrill. I take notes throughout a session, and at the end of the session scan the note into Everlink. The note is titled with the date automatically. Once a day I take less than a minute and drag each image into that client’s Notebook in Everlink. There’s something compelling about Evernote. (“Stop me before I scan again!”) Security up the wazoo, through them and also through Dropbox.

iPad – To refer to previous notes during a session, I have them right in front of me on the iPad through Everlink. If I want to mark up a previous note, like a dream, I can do that on the spot with a stylus. Okay, so far the stylus is so funky that it’s not useful. But I can just type comments above or below the image.

I’m quite pleased with my solution. But I don’t do insurance billing, and rarely have to type up progress notes. If I did those two things, I’d probably use a combination of Simplepractice and Evernote. But for now, whew. These things are working!

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