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I’ve just moved into a beautiful new office.  2nd floor, big tree and the rooftops of Berkeley out the large windows.  So many therapists I know keep a “blank slate” office but it’s just not me, I’ve crammed my office once again with paintings by my friend Stan Washburn, with African tribal statuary, a special painting a client gave me and on and on…  There’s a big mortar and pestle that was used by a Pomo woman all her life to grind things into digestible form, a lot like the work we do here.  I did bow to reason and took out the extra bookshelves but I miss having most of my books right here! 

I walk in every day and, I really do, I breathe in with a happy glow.  It feels so good to be here.  My men’s groups have been patient with me, they sort of do have to cram in here when we get past 10 guys.  But I’m struck, once again, by how profoundly I am affected by my environment, and I think these good feelings affects the work in positive ways.

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  1. Dear Dr. Quinn,

    I am just today coming upon your site for the first time. I’m with you in eschewing the ‘blank slate’ office. I figure that, if I don’t feel calm, centered, and ‘at home’, then I’m not certain how my clients will be able to feel the same.

    Thanks for your musings.

    Best regards,

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