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I’m coming across a rich panoply (“a wide-ranging and impressive array or display,” according to www.dictionary.com, and why didn’t I just say “array”?) of websites that consolidate web material on this topic.  One that I like is: http://www.wheretheclientis.com, which is curated by Will Baum, LCSW (www.willbaum.com).  He has wide-ranging interests on office practices.    Also, the Online Therapy Institute, http://www.onlinetherapyinstituteblog.com/ tackles some issues related to electronic therapy, including an interesting code of ethics.  It doesn’t address the issue of security for email therapy, which I think is the most important issue we currently face in using the web to extend the therapy container.

Psychology Today remains the Godzilla of online resources for therapists, and they have a spirited online community.  You have to be a therapist, and join (it’s about $30/month), to gain access: http://www.psychologytoday.com/.

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