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Sharing a Therapy Office

So one of my best friends needs an office for a couple days a week, and that will work right now because I’m working out of the office some of the time, it’s just for a couple months, he can help with the rent, sure why not?

You’re waiting maybe to hear that something bad happened? Nah. It’s a good feeling to walk in and know that he’s been in here, doing this remarkable spiritual healing that he does (www.empoweredhealing.com).
But it’s still my office. He takes down my diploma, and hangs his diploma, and I reverse the process when I come in.

I noticed that I was reluctant, afraid to turn over blocks of time to him, to know that these are times that my office is not available. Yes, Mrs. Klein, it is like an infant who wants his mother constantly available.

But it’s worked out well. I remember, too, that I enjoyed sharing my friend Gilbert’s office. He had nice taste, quite unlike mine, but it was a fine work environment.

So, developmentally, I seem to have advanced to preschool age, when we learn that it does not destroy us to share toys. In fact, it can make us feel connected, like playmates.

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